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Name : AUTHORITY MONITORING NETWORK FOUNDATION OR YAYASAN JARINGAN PEMANTAU KEWENANGAN (JPK), this foundation has legally exsist and has authorized by Manister Human Right office in Jakarta.
Yayasan/Foundation created an charity base in helping and caring people in Bali is SOUL BALI CHARITY.
SOUL BALI CHARITY was born in April, 2015. We are the Community that care about the people with culture “social charitable non profit”, and we are exist under the AUTHORITY MONITORING NETWORK FOUNDATION (NON GOVERNMENT ORGANISATION), which based on HUMANITY and CHARITY.
The spirit that we use and adore is based on TRI HITA KARANA, the sincere kindness without any requirement, sits equally everywhere and in any conditions.
SOUL BALI CHARITY target is to guarantee the DONATUR who give any donations is directed correctly to the people who really need the donations, to be honest, and based on the regulations of the Organization and Government’s regulations.
We accept the donations in cash money and goods.
The Donations target are for :
1.A very old people who really all alone in the world with  very poor economical situations ;
  we will help  them for home renovations and the equipments.

2.help the people who were sick but did not receive treatment for more sensitive treatment because the economic situation is very poor
3.Students with minimum facilities.
4.Clean water  for a small village/poor village.
5.foods  and goods for poor people.

Together with the progress when we have more donations then we will be able to do more charity activities.
We hope for more supports that we will get so THE SOUL BALI CHARITY will be more useful for the people
Only with YOUR supports we will get the developments and success! “ LET’S  START!”


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ACCOUNT NO : 0382244486

ADDRESS : Jln Raya Puputan 2 Semarapura-Bali
PHONE : 62 366 22890

Hubungi Kami

  • Alamat Kami:
    Jl. Ratna Lingkungan Kemoning Kelod Semarapura Kelod KLUNGKUNG 80714 BALI, CP : 081338187898
  • Alamat Kami:
    BTN Taman Asri No D 8 Subagan Karangasem Bali ,CP: 082147168781
  • Alamat Kami:
    Jalan Anggrek X No 3 Lingkungan Kertasari,Perumnas Karangasem Bali, CP: 081936632698
  • Alamat Kami:
    NOMAD Restaurant,Jalan Raya Ubud Bali, CP : 08199914464
  • Alamat Kami:
    WARUNG BU AGUNG, Jalan Raya Andong No.18X Peliatan Ubud Bali, CP: 082147168781
  • Alamat Kami:
    Hamburg GERMANY, CP: hmogana@gmail.com
  • jpk.dewatabali@gmail.com