Began in 2016 with pleasure and gratitude we JPK Team in Bali Charity Soul social event participated THOUSAND TREE PLANTING organization of activities in the village of East Seraya Bukit Catu, Bali's Karangasem regency.
Coconut tree is planted early maturing species of palm trees with fruit species of small size so it is great for material Balinese religious rituals. Other fungtion of this species coconut three is it the leaves, can be used for Balinese offerings. We had interviewed the head of Bukit Catu village  Mr. I Made Kari, he said “ that the event was very useful to citizens. And every citizen who gathered will be given responsibilities for each to be maintained and kept in order to benefit the growth of the planting” the maximum appropriate future goals of all organizations providing donations. Enthusiastic residents and children gathered in the village hall were overjoyed at receiving this activity, and welcomed with pleasure our attention while giving them counseling to all 1,000 trees, which cost 11 million rupiah maintained and preserved fruit jellies and other benefits they can enjoy the next five years. Applause and acceptance symbolically joined JPK shared by the DPD chairman BALI Mr. I Ketut Tinggal at village hall, alongside other NGOs in Karangasem regency

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