Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission
Starting the ideas arise by a great comittment in caring and helping others who lives in unfortune conditions, financial lack, disabitity. These community is absolutly will be available in every places on Earts. We are a small group eager involving in the destiny mission. With honesty we are wellcome you to join our aim step by step build future goal to everybody living in harmony.

Target and Object beneficiaries.
From time to time we are actively seeking object either direct visiting beneficiaries poor villages, meet people with the interview in the location. Also very actively looking for information on social and electronic media, newspapers, magazines and collaboration with other associations that have the same vision and mission in this social field.
Communities that we determined to be the object of beneficiaries is very poor people live alone, have no income because of age who are not productive or because of physical disability, illness without family that takes care and elderly who are unable to work. Kids drop out of school because it did not have any facilities. Lately we will follow with many more attentention and care depending poor and lack object rising in the community.

Armed with accurate information that we have, we come directly to the site to search for the truth and accuracy of object right circumstances. The accuracy of data with state of the object we began to provide assistance with a variety of team creativity Soul Bali Charity. We are always looking for support from people who have big hearts are ready to share with others who are living in very poor conditions. Then we distribute to the object all those facilities. We are voluntarily as the media field who you trust to deliver your contribution to the poor community that have lack of their living time. In the other hand we are so proud and very happy to carry out this mission of sociality.

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Childreen Support

There are many school is located in east Bali hidden some places in remote area. ...



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